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STUCCO | acrylic & conventional

Conventional Stucco

Conventional stucco is the most basic system that we offer at Weststar. Comprised primarily of sand and cement, it is the economic choice for our clients. We offer a range of colours and textures that best accommodate your preference in design. Like our other exterior services, we only use premium products to ensure premium results. 

Acrylic Stucco

Considered to be more of a "synthetic stucco", it's made up of acrylic resin and polymers. This gives the product elasticity, making it less prone to hairline cracks. Acrylic is recognized for its water resistance but even more so, its retention and richness in colour. It provides a full range of refined colours with minimal variation. This system is Weststar recommended and as certified professionals, we always advise clients to consider this product for its longevity and better overall finish.    

Our Stucco Process

Whether it is conventional or acrylic stucco that we are applying to your project, we use the same 3 coat process every time.   


\\ Installation of paper + wire mesh to building substrate


\\ Scratch coat application 

\\ Double coat application 


\\ Finish coat application (acrylic/cement base)

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