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Stucco Repair Calgary

Weststar Wall System have the experts in stucco repair in Calgary. We can repair stucco on any building in Calgary. The stucco application is a job that is done with proper tools and equipment's to get the highest quality finish.

We are one of the top Stucco companies in Stucco industry with over 40 years of experience. Colour matching is our expertise. We provide service in Calgary and surrounding areas. Are you looking for the best Stucco contractors? For residential and commercial stucco projects , Contact us for free estimate


  • Conventional Stucco Repair

  • Acrylic Stucco Repair

  • Textured Stucco Repair

  • Scratch coat of Portland cement and sand

  • Brown coat of cement and sand

  • Apply Stucco Finishes.

EIFS Repair

Most minor scuffs, nicks, and surface abrasions can be touched up to match an original EIFS finish. We prefer to use the special paint like top coats offered by most EIFS manufacturers, which are intended for periodic renewal of weathered acrylic EIFS finishes. Unfortunately, manufacturers don’t usually sell these acrylic-based top coats to the general public — and they aren’t available in small quantities anyway — so the easiest approach for small repairs is to contact us or call us today for help in finding a compatible latex or elastomeric paint. With careful color-matching, minor dings should disappear under a high-quality finish

The problems with barrier EIFS cladding all stem from water intrusion. These problems include moisture accumulation in the wall cavity, subsequent wood damage and, in more advanced cases, mold growth and the infestation of pests such as carpenter ants or termites.

Woodpecker damage to your EIFS can compromise your home’s all-important water resistant barrier. When customers call us to repair woodpecker damage they ask, “how do we stop the woodpeckers from coming back?” When it comes to woodpecker damage to EIFS System, the solutions is to apply Shieldit By Dryvit witch is woodpecker resistant coating that has been approved in industry with 10 years warranty. Shieldit is 2-Pass Base Coat Which Improves Impact Resistance and Provides Protection from Woodpecker Damage for EIFS Substrates.



 ShieldIt Base Coats are acrylic polymer-modified products, which are mixed in a proprietary ratio to produce two composite base coats. Together, they provide a durable layer that protects the wall from woodpecker damage. The base coats are used over the top of existing EIFS lamina in a renovation scenario or over a reinforced base coat in a new construction scenario.



  • Excellent durability, adhesion

  • Protects against woodpeckers

  • Governs the thickness of each coat


The Woodpecker Problem

Woodpeckers are very territorial. They may return year after year to the same general spot. Woodpeckers damage EIFS and other types of home exteriors such as cedar windows, fascia or siding, and softer cladding materials. Damage most often appears during the breeding season, March through May. The birds peck at the EIFS for the sound, which is similar to that of a hollow tree. They do not nest in the holes they make–unfortunately, smaller birds will nest in woodpecker holes

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