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Established in 2001, Weststar Wall Systems Ltd is a second generation stucco & EIFS contractor, servicing Calgary AB. and the surrounding areas. With our experience, we pride ourselves in consistently delivering a high caliber product. Our team of experts are all certified professionals, making certain that we are always equipped to provide a quality and service that will leave a lasting impression.


As a company we take the same care and professional approach towards every project. This is because we want to make sure that we always bring VALUE to you as a client in an impactful way with Quality, Service, Cost and Time.


With your vision and our expertise, we aim to bring a level of workmanship that not only exceeds your expectations but elevates the industry standard for all exterior related services. This is our commitment.  



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WESTSTAR services

Weststar takes pride in being fully equipped to handle any Stucco and EIFS System in Calgary and souring areas inboth residential & commercial scale projects. Whatever Stucco System your exterior needs, we want to assist in finding the best solution.


At Weststar Wall System we are second generation Stucco Contractor in Calgary and surrouding areas. Stucco System is a clean and low maintenance solution to your home. We finish your exterior with an acrylic base stucco that is not only elegant but durable. We use the best products to ensure the best finish.

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Weststar Wall Systems we became the leading EIFS applicator in Calgary and Surrounding areas. EIFS System is considered the industry standard for combining exterior functionality with aesthetic appeal. This system can provide high R value heat insulation, water and fire resistance. Our team is certified with all major manufacturers.   

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At Weststar Wall Systems We are experts at giving our commercial & residential projects an enhanced look. EPS moldings, columns and accents elevate the appearance of our projects and provide a high end custom finish to the exterior.  

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We offer a cost effective solution to repairing stucco  including Woodpecker  damage repair. Using only premium products to make certain your stucco or EIFS system has the updated appearance you're looking for.  At Weststar Wall Systems we only send our senior applicators who has 40 years of experience to repair and Stucco or EIFS System 



Quality is everything once our work is complete, which is why we hold our projects to the highest standard and precisely why we have our quality assurance program. Weststar is certified with our manufacturers and because of this, we are able to offer warranty on a complete stucco & EIFS system. 

Any deficiencies, it's on us. Any wear and tear, it's on us. Our commitment to our clients extends beyond project completion in providing a service that guarantees your satisfaction always comes first.

From our family to yours, we thank you for your business!


WESTSTAR Wall Systems Ltd

Frequently asked questions

Can The Stucco Color Be Changed ?

Absolutely. However, it is best to avoid painting over your stucco, as the stucco is supposed to breathe. Paint may trap moisture inside, which will be bad for the performance and durability of the product. Instead, a change of color is best accomplished by adding new stucco over the current finish. This way, you will maintain the characteristics of the material while attaining the new look you desire.

Can Stucco Be Added to a Painted Surface?

It is best to have the existing paint removed before stucco is applied. Stucco will struggle to adhere to a painted surface, meaning the finished product will not be as secure and durable as it should be. Sandblasting is commonly used to remove paint from a surface which is marked for sandblasting.

Should There Be Cracks In My Stucco?

In a word – yes. Cracking in stucco is perfectly normal, and it is actually a sign that the stucco has set properly. When the water in the stucco evaporates after installation, the produce will shrink and some small cracks may appear. These cracks, as long as they are relatively small, are not a problem and should be expected.

How Hard Is It To Re-stucco My Home?

Adding a new layer of stucco is not a particularly difficult process, but it does need to be completed by an experienced team of professionals. The existing stucco on your home will likely need to be sandblasted in order to remove the surface. Repairs to the current stucco can be made at this time, if necessary, before the new stucco is applied.

Why Would I Pick Stucco?

There are a number of reasons why stucco makes a great choice for the exterior of your home. First, as mentioned earlier, is the appearance of this material. This is a great looking product to use as siding on your home, and it is available in a wide range of colors. Also, the pricing of stucco is modest, as it is nowhere near the most expensive siding choice on the market. Finally, there are few maintenance requirements for stucco as the years go by. Once you have invested in your stucco finish, you can plan on getting a great return on that investment for many years to come.

Can an EIF system be adhesively attached over treated plywood?

It is recommended that EIFS applied over treated wood products be attached using mechanical fasteners. Because of variations in the chemical compositions of the treatments used on plywood, questions exist regarding long-term performance.

Why does the foam need to be picture framed around penetrations?

Stresses in exterior walls will concentrate at openings and other re-entrant corners because of framing and sheathing discontinuities. By ensuring that the EPS insulation is continuous, we help distribute those stresses over a wider surface area and provide a more effective buffer to minimize the chances of stresses being transferred to the coatings.

Is a water-resistive barrier required prior to installing an EIFS system in residential construction?

We encourages the use of water-resistive barriers over moisture sensitive substrates to provide additional protection in the event of a component failure. Local building codes will stipulate whether this is a requirement or not. Additionally, specific systems may require a water-resistive barrier as part of the warranty requirements. The project specification should note whether one should be installed.

In using the EIFS system, is the need for vapor barrier eliminated?

No. Although EIFS will minimize internal wall condensation by reducing the air infiltration as well as increasing the internal wall temperature (for heating climates) climates that normally would use vapor retarders should still use them with EIFS claddings. When requested, We can perform a Water Vapor Transmission Analysis for specific walls to evaluate the tendency for condensation to occur.

What type of water-resistive barrier is best for EIFS?

The most important consideration is to be consistent with the recommendations for the specific EIFS system being used to ensure compatibility. Generally, liquid applied barriers (Backstop® NT) is more effective because it completely eliminates air infiltration by avoiding laps. Also, it permits adhesive application of EIFS thereby providing improved wind resistance and ease of installation

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We are Second Generation

Stucco Contractor Calgary, Stucco Repair Calgary, EIFS Contractor Calgary, Stucco Calgary, Calgary Stucco Repair, Best Stucco Contractor Calgary